White Christmas Dreaming


I have been dreaming of a white Christmas tree all my life. Every Christmas tree I have owned has been gifted and my big green one is white frosted tipped and I adore it as my parents gave it to me. But this year I came across so many white Christmas trees that I became inspired to get one.  December first had rolled around and I still hadn’t put up my Christmas tree, while I was out shopping I stumbled on this white tree and fell in love. I already had in my theme copper and metallics and I thought this would look awesome on a white tree.

So here is my new White Christmas Tree and some decorating inspiration enjoy!


20151219_082810.jpg 20151219_082517.jpg


I used a mix of old and new decorations plus I found these copper string lights from Typo add a real sparkle. A plus is they run on battery so extra safe around children and animals, if the dog wanted to chew them he won’t get electrocuted and as owners of a just turned one year old pup you just never know.


These two decorations and my new favourites from Target and Bed Bath &Table respectively.


The copper bells are from Bed Bath & Table and the star is from Target


tagert baubles

A collection of baubles from Target


Here is more White Christmas tree inspiration for you!


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frostred-christmas-tree White-Christmas-tree-decorations-modern-style White-Christmas-tree--dining-room--PHOTO-GALLERY--Style-at-Home--  screenshot_2015-12-12-09-35-14-1.png screenshot_2015-12-12-09-39-51-1.png screenshot_2015-12-12-10-04-52-1.png

screenshot_2015-12-12-10-22-48-1.png Screenshot_2015-12-11-20-47-58-1 Screenshot_2015-12-11-20-48-32-1 Screenshot_2015-12-12-10-02-22-1 Screenshot_2015-12-12-10-03-01-1 screenshot_2015-12-12-10-15-57-1.png

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